Lisa Smidt

Online portfolio of Lisa Smidt Nouris, showing a selection of her work as an independent visual artist and film director.
Her background lies in both visual arts and graphic design. She entered the world of film by video art and installation.
Working both alone and in collaboration, she produces, directs, films and edits either completely by herself or with a small team.

Her crossover work mixes both documentary and fiction and reflect her passion for music. She is working in the field of music video, fashion, commercial and narrative projects.

She focuses on the translation of feelings and psychological events. Maintaining an intimate and personal approach while at the same time searching for a more universal  message. Her visually driven work often has a poetic structure. Always balancing between the know and the unknown, playing with the existence of multiple realities. Her work translates itself through the world of different connected subcultures and the symbolism behind it. Never intending to force any strict principles on the viewer, rather leaving room for own interpretation.

Lisa is always on te move for her projects and currently residing in Paris.